Friday, June 26, 2009

Love IS Like Magic

Hey All. Our gallery dudes in Brooklyn, Cinders, are having a benefit silent auction & anniversary party this Sunday. We have worked with Cinders since 2003 and as a gallery and as our friends they have been really supportive and awesome. Show them some love if you are in Brooklyn and have a few extra bucks to give to a great space!!! Jeremy and I donated the pieces above: His is called "Southern Comfort" and mine is called "The Shadow Proclamation" (if you know where that comes from, hello fellow nerd! :) )Here's the details from their website, you can also follow the link above to check them out yourself. ,

This Sunday we are having a silent auction benefit for the gallery! We asked a bunch of artists who've shown here over the past 5 years to donate some work and have been humbled with everyone's overwhelming radness. It will be a fun and diverse show that will also help us ring in our 5 year anniversary! With a BBQ on the sidewalk, surprise guest DJs, and spiked lemonade to celebrate summertime(finally), gay pride, great art and 5 more years- lets party!

Love is Like Magic
Sunday June 28th 3-9pm
A Special One Day Silent Auction!

Featuring Richard Colman, Brendan Monroe, Thomas Campbell, A.J. Fosik, Matthew Feyld, Allyson Mellberg, Jeremy Taylor, Ali Aschman, Andrew Jeffrey Wright, Diane Barcelowsky, Brian Chippendale, Maya Hayuk, Travis Millard, Jason Mclean, Mike Pare, Josh Slater, Jessie Rose Vala, Noel Friebert, Mel Kadel, Kelie Bowman, Sto, Nick Kuszyk, Mindy Abovitz, Ryan Jacob smith, Suzanne Sattler, Sam McPheeters, Molly Colleen O Connell, and lots more!


Cassiemarie said...

lovely pieces!

Anonymous said...

Hi Allyson! My name is Julie and I love your drawings. I purchased one at the Cinders auction- the only non-figurative one in the show I believe. I can't wait to pick it up! I am so interested in your work and I would love to see what other pieces you have available. I know you have other works available at Cinders, but the drawings at this site particularly intrigue me:

Please let me know! Here's my site, you can write to me there:

THANK YOU so much! Happy 4th, Julie

Anonymous said...

Hi Allyson, I figured out that you're represented by Cinders exclusively, so I've contacted them about your drawings. Thank you. Enjoy the holiday! Julie