Friday, February 25, 2011

Further Adventures In Gluten Free & Dairy Free Baking...

Our friend Albie inspired this one... It was a definite treat and pretty fun to make.
                                                    Here they are without the filling & glaze!
Here is the vegan chocolate buttercream filling for the inside!

This is what happens if you open the oven door to peek! Don't do it!


Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day Dotties

Hello there strangers! Sorry we have been distant from the blog recently. Allyson is busy getting ready for her show the Lotus Eaters at Gallerie LJ in Paris and Pictoplasma in Berlin coming up in April. By the way did I mention Allyson is a warrior...FYI.  I have been laying low and making new work and spending sometime healing.  Allyson and I recently finished a handful of Dotties, Papercuts, and Brooches just in time for Valentines Day!  These are all up on the Etsy shop ready for the swiping.  We have both have also decided to take the plunge and make a website. It is in its early stages and needs some fine tuning so bear with us. The website also includes our tumblrs of new work we are doing and what is inspiring us in the studio. We will still be using this blog to update people on what we are doing and continue to post about the garden,  our crazy projects and journeys.  The garden currently is in a dormant state. Although we still have many alive plants under our cold frames and garden cloth. Including: Lacinato Kale, Siberian Kale, Chard, Spinach, Cilantro, Leeks, Weld, Woad. We also have some areas of cover crop including some Turnip Greens and Austrian Winter Peas.  We are hoping for an early spring as we are ready to let these dormant dudes bloom.  It was 68 today so we opened the cold frames to give the plant some sun and air and fertilized these suckers so that they will take off in a month! We are also working on the book...and once Allyson's shows are mailed off we are devoting our time to finish this sucker. Matokie our new kitten is slowly becoming a sweet cat and we LOVE him so much! Do not worry everyone Fricky is not taking the back seat but she has some healthy competition! Much Love -Jeremy