Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sweet kitty needs a good home!

This little guy is a miracle! When we first met B.B. last fall, he just showed up in front of the garage one night. He was very friendly, but starved & bony as all get out. We started feeding him and he started hanging out with us in the garden every morning and evening. When we got hit with a huge blizzard in December, we brought B.B. in to our mudroom. (It took us a while to find him) He had frostbite on the tips of his ears and seemed pretty sick. We got him set up with a bed & heating pad, food, water, litterbox (which he used right away without problems, further proving our theory that he was an abandoned housecat, and not feral) and he stayed with us from x-mas to new years day. On new years day we realized he was really sick beyond our care, and probably contagious. (We have a 14year old cat of our own to worry about) so we brought him to the SPCA in Charlottesville, a no-kill shelter. At that point we called once a week or so to check on him. He received treatment for an upper respiratory infection, eye infection, ear mites, fleas, worms, the whole deal. In February, they called us to tell us we could come and adopt him if we would like, but Fricktoria, our cat, was not in good health, so we could not risk bringing him home. This was really sad! So we kept calling and checking on him until recently we saw him on the channel 12 news as the SPCA’s animal of the week. It broke our hearts that he had not been adopted yet! He was healthy and happy again! We decided to adopt him & get him out of the shelter. He came home much fatter, and happier than the last time we saw him. His ears completely recovered from the frostbite too! The only sign that he was ever sick is a few cloudy spots in his eyes (which the vet said will go away and have been disappearing in the last two weeks already)

So, now you are probably wondering why we are looking for a new home for him… Well. Our house is small (about 800 square feet) and to be blunt Fricktoria hates him and it is making her miserable. Its really adorable in a way because B.B. tries really hard to befriend her & play with her but she is SO not into it. Fricktoria is old, and in such a small place, this is too much for her.

B.B. is 2 years old, he is good with other cats & dogs. He is super sweet, and playful. (As I am writing this he is laying next to me on the couch purring away!) As far as we have seen, he is not interested in scratching anything.(Fricktoria could learn from him on this one!) He is litter box trained, (you probably want to get a large covered litterbox for him… he  is not a small cat, we got him a small one and he barely fit into it) B.B. can go outside or be a completely indoor cat. Since he came from the SPCA & we took him in for a check up he is neutered and completely up to date on all vaccines until next year.