Sunday, June 26, 2011

June Garden Update

I love this time of the year. Our garden starts to get really big, the flowers are starting to bloom, little green tomatoes are showing up, its exciting! We have some new things in our garden this year: flax, holy basil, tomatillos, etc. Here are some pics! Hope everyone is having an awesome summer. xo!
Flax plants only flower for part of a day before they fall apart and begin the process of growing the seedpods which we will harvest in a few weeks! They are so delicate and pretty.

This is the first year we have tried to grow tomatillos. The plants are really beautiful. And from what we can see now, very productive. I am going to be freezing some salsa verde!

Tulsi! Also known as Holy Basil, which will be harvested and dried for delicious herbal tea.


Farm view late June. Sunflowers are about half grown now & the zinnias are blooming!

There is an old tree stump & root system in our yard that predates us living here, it is an amazing substrate for mushrooms (no we are not eating them!) but they are really beautiful and we have lots of different varieties after every rain. These popped up today.

Edible flowers! Aphrodisiac! Ooooh la la. Also good on salad.