Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Good Advice...

Every week (at least once, sometimes twice) Jeremy and I go to our favorite Vietnamese restaurant here in town and get amazing food and pearls of wisdom from the awesome chef/owner. He always tells the best stories and has really strong opinions (I think he is usually right) about politics and people. Tonight he was in rare form. Sometimes his stories about his life are so amazing and inspiring and funny that we leave with our stomachs happy from food, but sore from laughing. I seriously think that he might be a genius. He also makes up really good jokes.

Anyhow we were talking about underdogs, as in: being the underdog, messing with the underdog, and underdog retribution (not the physical kind - more spiritual or psychological). We feel like underdogs a lot in our field. Especially as young professors who are told on a regular basis that we look or seem to young to be doing what we are doing (even though we have been doing it for a while now). So our friend, who has also felt like an underdog in the past, especially when he first moved here, told us a story. Here it is: 

He was at a Community Meeting focusing on Diversity. Someone asked him how he reacts when someone puts an obstacle or "wall" in front of him. He replied, " I wait twenty years and then climb on top and pee on it". In other words, don't fuck with the underdog and don't underestimate people, you never know who they might become!  

Amazing. It was inspiring and funny to hear his stories tonight about when he first got here and how he had to work a bunch of jobs he didn't really like before he could build the life that he really wanted to have. Especially since we are currently applying for ft jobs and trying to build the life that we want to have. I love that guy. Made our night.

In other news, we are working on our book and making progress. Viva Spring!