Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hey There Strangers!

Hi everybody! It has been a while since we posted... Life has been a little crazy! We have some garden pictures to share and a few other things. Its already really cold here! (okay so maybe its only 36 but after a summer of 100+ weather all of the time we are not adjusting well!) (My inner Wisconsin-ite is currently making fun of me and calling me a wimp!) Despite the cold our garden is still doing pretty well. We have Jeremy's beautiful cold frames to thank for that! Right now we have chard, two kinds of kale, turnip greens, cabbages, rosemary, winter peas, spinach, and cauliflower growing. We just harvested the last of our radishes, lettuces, dill, fennel, mint, lemon-balm, and onions. We are trying to eat as much of our own food as possible. I made a really good pea-shoot salad the other day and we have been enjoying lots of greens. Food has been a hot topic at our house recently... Our household is now gluten & dairy free in light of Jeremy's recent Celiac disease diagnosis. Its been a rough few months of J being really sick so feel free to send him a message with some good vibes in it. He is a fucking trooper to say the least. 

Now is a good time to discuss an elephant in the room... well, actually its more of a fluffy kitten. Thats right, Fricktoria is no longer single, she has a little boyfriend. Total cougar! Matokie was rescued from the Norfolk SPCA and is a ragdoll mix. He is really cuddly and sweet most of the time. The other parts of the time he is running laps and getting schooled by Fricky. 

We are also in two pop-up shops in Virginia this year, the Bizarre Market in Richmond at Chop Suey and the Great Gifts shop at the Bridge in Charlottesville. I am going to post more when finals are done, but in the meantime... here are some pictures! Hope everyone is having a nice, stress-free holiday season. 


  Sorry if stuff is a little out of order, I am still getting used to posting this many photos! The above image is from us printing and getting ready for the two pop-up shops! Jeremy's snowman cards are super awesome. Below: We made a new zine for Cinders' booth at the NY Bookfair called "Spirit Moves"

 Part of getting the garden ready for the cold season is making sure all pests are gone. These worms were hiding out together. They blend in so well. 
 I made some larger dotties for this years Bizarre Market. 
 Kitten!!!! This is Matokie. He is already much bigger than this! 
 Fennel from our garden!
 Jeremy's beautiful peace bird print for the markets!
 Our Woad came back! We have to harvest it asap so we can try for another batch...hopefully one where the blue doesn't run out in the waste-water!!!
 Our Egyptian walking onions walked themselves right out of the garden and onto the driveway... I may have helped them a little.
 Our Weld also made a comeback...
 The fall garden a few weeks ago!
 First GF Thanksgiving.... gluten free stuffing and chard from the garden!
 Leaves from our daily walking spot!

 Some of the last strawberries, at the end of November. They lasted forever.
 Happy Jack by Jeremy, Sad Jack by Allyson
 Moffles! aka Mochi waffles. Part of our gluten free expedition to foods unknown.
 I don't really need to say anything about this. Ridiculous.
 Everything changed after they slept together.