Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I have been investing a little bit of time this summer to building an Alaia surfboard and a couple of smaller Alaias with Allyson's assistance. While working on the surfboards I worked on some skateboards. One is made from a maple log from my moms backyard. I milled it, joined it, and its my "Log"! it rides great. I got some Sector 9 wheels and it is a smooth ride. More to report how the Alaias ride when the linseed finishes drying. XO J


Joseph J Howe said...

these are super rad!

Allyson said...


jerm said...

what kind of wood did you use? i really like the first board u made with that diamond design. im about the make my own in that shape

Allyson said...

I recommend going thicker on the board. My bodyboard works the best and it has a 1" rail and is made from fir and the 6' board has a 3/4" rail and is new zealand pine. I think paulownia probably works the best, but I would say go with fir or cedar if you cannot get some paulownia. good luck send me a pic of your board if you make one! Cheers!