Saturday, June 13, 2009

Beach Visit

So every year we plant a garden for Jeremy's Mom and this year things are starting out very well. We planted heirloom tomato plants, yellow squash, cilantro, swiss chard, and cucumbers. We will post an "after" picture soon as things have grown tremendously just in the last two weeks! During our visit we are also harvesting bamboo from the forest to make stakes for our tomato plants. This year we have to put up a fence around Mom's garden because they got a puppy (see photos below) her name is Lily, she is very cute, but currently a bit of a monster. Hopefully, she will grow out of it! We also got to see our kitty friends Penelope (its hard to tell but in the pic one of her feet is swollen to twice the size of the other - she is fine but we think she was playing with a bee or snake... she also likes to dig crawfish out of the creek so who knows!) , and of course we are always happy to see our big orange kitty friend, the Fridge. Its so beautiful and magical here, we always see great stuff but we don't always have our cameras with us. We hope you enjoy these little bits of our surroundings, we will try to post more pics of the ocean too! Went for a swim tonight in the first warm water of the season. Absolutely wonderful.

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heidi nicole said...

thank you both so much for having me over last night. it was such a sweet 30 minutes. so sweet that we must duplicate it and multiply it by at least four! anyway, this is my blog. my pooblog.