Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Spring Spring!

Hello! We are slowly coming out of our winter cocoon and have just begun to garden again. Lettuce, dark greens, and a few other things over-wintered and are really delicious. We also planted radishes and onions over the last few weeks. Today we had our first big salads for lunch from the garden!
Fricky has been needing some extra attention with her kitten counterpart being so cute and fun all of the time. She keeps wanting to get up on shoulders, and counters... places where Tokie can't jump yet. 

wild onions and garlic in our yard can be seen in a few different ways: annoying weeds, wild edibles, or in today's case, part of breakfast!

Jeremy scattered these turnip green seeds in the left side of the garden as cover crop. It got cold so fast this fall they never really got too big. These last few warm days they have exploded! I am going to make a curry dish with some today and then once they bolt we will turn them under!

Jeremy also raked up the stalks from the soybean plants. We will either chop them up and incorporate them into the compost or plant directly into them... we are planning a big cover crop for the left side and more sunflowers... not so much work this year. Last summer was so hot and we did too much. Plus millet grass is a beautiful bright neon green! 

Here it is as of now! We got the paths established, as many weeds removed as possible, radishes and onions planted, and greens uncovered! Time to watch stuff grow and eat!

Salad & stir fry ingredients batch one! The top part of the bowl has the heads of lacinato kale that was bolting (we picked them off in the hopes of tricking the plants into thinking they are not bolting just because its 80 degrees on March 18th in Virginia!), they tasted like little sweet broccoli/kale hybrids (super delicious) We also had austrian pea shoots and the first of the spinach... and of course the lettuce!

More updates soon, this is going to be a busy and intense month!