Monday, June 8, 2009

Hello Summer!

Well after a few weeks of decompression from the semester it finally feels like summer. We are currently enjoying some beach & family time with Mom. In order to be able to do that Jeremy and I had to do a major overhaul in our garden. We looked up several ways to block out weeds organically (especially the crab grass that has been slowly creeping in) and settled on using hay to define the rows and block out sun from the unwanted plants. Two long days of work later and we are ready to walk away for a few days and let the darn thing grow! Also, check out the beautiful fence that Jeremy built completely from recycled wood. Amongst our few early harvests we got some delicious spinach and spring onions and also some not so delicious but neat wild garlic. Thanks to our friends Alp and Ingrid we also learned that the pretty tree outside of our studio window has edible berries on it. It is a Juneberry or Saskatoon bush. The berries are similar to blueberries in appearance and have a apple-ish flavor with almond flavored seeds. We harvested a ton of them and froze them for later! They had many creeeepy crawlies on them so we had to soak them in grandma's old milk glass bowl, which is where Jeremy got this pretty picture.

More from the beach...

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