Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Hey everyone! Sorry we were gone for so long. We have been super swamped this past month with finals and school finishing up... but school is over and it is time to celebrate spring and summer! This is the time in our lives when we can escape the institutional aesthetic of teaching at a state university. No more fluorescent lights, vinyl tiles, and cinder block walls for 3 months. YAY! It is truly a time of rejuvenation and an existence free from 60 hour work weeks. No answering student emails at midnight, no commuting, no grumpy/demanding students, no committee meetings, no show deadlines. This is a time when we garden, draw, travel, spend time at the beach and nature in general. Nature is the best drug for Allyson and Jeremy. Not to mention there is nothing better than eating food from your own garden. It always tastes better than anything from the farmers market or the grocery store... plus it saves us lots of moolah. Everyone should grow a garden if they have time and space..."it is the way of the future dude". Anyhow we harvested our first of spring planting. Tomatoes are in the ground...but we are hoping the rain spaces out more evenly so we can avoid rotting plants. We are posting our first picks from the garden. Stay well all...and we promise to post more of our adventures.