Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hierarchy of Plants

Allyson and I weeded the flower beds today.  I am feeling bad about killing all of these plants which seem to more useful and beneficial properties than the holly bushes and hostas in our front yard which seem to only have a primary function of decoration.  Since this is our landlord's house and weeds do kill other plants... we decided to remove them. The first species which I regret killing were the scallions (I killed about 200 of these things today). Scallions are a highly nutritous food plant. One cup of scallions contain, 30 % of our daily  intake of vitamin C, 20% of vitamin A, 7% of our calcium, 8% of iron, 200% of vitamin K ( a vitamin that alot of Americans are difficient in), 16% of folic acid, and 2g of protein. It  also contains micronutrients like important amino acids and small amounts of B vitamins and vitamin E. One of the most overlooked aspects of  scallions are the anti-inflammatory properties of the food. Scallions contain quercetin a potent anti-inflammatory and vitamin C also an immune builder. In combination they act to reduce inflammation related to allergies, asthma, and arthritis. I do not think that it is a coincidence that these "weeds" or should I say important foods grow in the spring. When allergies, moisture, and flu are most prominent scallions have a tendency to grow. The second species I killed today were premature garlic bulbs. As we may know garlic is an antimicrobial, antiviral, and good for healthy cholesterol. A half a cup contains 35 % of our daily intake of vitamin C, 13% of our calcium, 6% of iron, 84% of vitamin B6 and 4g of protein. It also contains micronutrients like important amino acids and minerals such as magnesium (100% RDI)), copper (20% RDI), manganese, selenium and phosphorus which we could not get from ritz crackers. The third species we weeded were our beloved Dandelions. (roots, greens, and flowers) I remember trying to eat the flowers as a child they were bitter. The greens on the other hand when cooked can be quite nutritious and tasty. I still probably would not have liked them as a child. But they pack a nutritious punch as well. One cup of cooked dandelion greens contain, 30 % of our daily intake of vitamin C, 140% of vitamin A, 15% of our calcium, 10% of iron, 749% of vitamin K ( a vitamin that alot of Americans are difficient in), 13% of vitamin E and 2g of protein. It also contains micronutrients like important amino acids and small amounts of B vitamins. Dandelions are also known as a liver and gallbladder cleanser. Again I do not think it is a coincidence that these grow in spring and summer as our residual winter lives require our bodies to cleanse of toxins. We also pulled up some spearmint that was intertwined in yellow clover. Spearmint is good for digestion. Overall it sounds like this would be a great springtime lunch. Cooked Dandelion greens with garlic, Miso soupwith scallions, and a cup of mint tea. Mmmm Refreshing. Iam sure you are wondering why we composted these nutritious plants? Well our land lord laid down this nasty mulch in the flower beds which was probably imbued in some sort of petroleum based pesticide. Not to mention our basement has an arsenal of paint and pesticides. So we are pretty certain the bed are laden with "Round Up". Whoever said that these plants were bad? Why do we kill them for aesthetic reasons? I will never figure this one out. An anal retentive invention from the suburban country club goers. UGHH I wanted to eat those tasty greens, scallions, and garlic:(

Thursday, April 24, 2008


  Jeremy made this video out of a flip-book that I drew while I was at UVA! He has the powers of greyskull. (or something else awesome like that where you hold up a sword and lightening comes out)
Happy Spring everybody!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Spring is here and the semester is almost over. We both cannot express how glad we are that this semester is almost over. We always feel like summer is a cleansing period for us, as we spend a great deal of time working on personal projects that we want to get done and spend a great deal of time winding down from the relentless and busy work year. We also have big plans this summer to finish our book. The book was initially designed to be a smaller handbook and it is turning into a BOOK. Our goal is to have it printed before the SPXPO in the Fall. Allyson will be part of the Cinders Goffo Installation At the NEXT ART FAIR in Chicago. If you are in Chicago please go and see her new works.  Jeremy is currently in a show at Lump Gallery called "Heroes" that runs till May. If you are in Raleigh please check out his work. He is also working on a new video for his  solo show at Cerasoli Gallery in August.  Other projects for the summer include one collaborative porcelain figurine, collaborative oversized drawings, and finding a permanent home.

We are looking forward to a summer of recuperation from the tumultuous winter of sickness and sadness! YAY SPRING! YAY SUMMER! YAY OCEAN!