Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy Holidays!

We have had a crazy fall and early winter with warm weather and lots of shows! It is the day after Christmas and now we a looking to hibernate and finish some projects before the spring arrives. When spring arrives we will have a new addition to our family. We are so excited! So much preparation and things to do to get ready for! Check out some of our fall and winter projects! We will continue to update everyone as things progress!

Here is our homemade minorah made from a recycled pine 2x2 with drilled holes that was a garden post.
(Our fancy one is packed away)

Here is our baby tree that we got from the alley way behind the house. We used a Coffee filter as our tree skirt. We put special ornaments on there including: A Peachpit monkey & Porcelain Kitty from Kim Boggs, Macaroni given to us by Freddie Farraro for our wedding, a Glass Walnut from Kristen Smith, Patrick Costello, and Vicki Long, a friendship bracelet from Cat Stack, a bracelet from Grandma Dorothy, a Jingle shell, SandDollar and a Starfish Star.

We also Harvested some Celery, Kale, and a Napa Cabbage for some good Holiday eats

 Here are some of our fall adventures!

Homemade Owl Decoy

PVCC Faculty Show
Allyson and I both had works in the Galerie LJ Winter show... this is one of her new ones. We also sent three collaborative pieces!

Fricktoria's last shoulder photo opportunity before Momma M took her back to Wisconsin. Sadly, she was not as excited about Allyson's preggo belly as we are and had started to share her feelings pretty aggressively... we miss you Fricky!

Jeremy and I made this zine, "Lichen Ocean"to be released at Pictoplasma in NYC in November. It includes handdrawn, relief printed, silkscreened, and xeroxed pages and a silkscreened poster. Big props to J who pulled all of the prints since Ally couldn't do it with her belly! He pulled some 800 prints total! 
You can find the zine here if you want to buy one:

Jeremy's rad piece for "Let There Be Light" at PVCC!!!

October Garden

Jeremy is helping our friend Brian build an art car that will be a little boat. Here it is in-progress!