Thursday, July 23, 2009


While Allyson and I were at the beach I gave those homemade alaia surfboards/bodyboards a test drive. The one that seemed to work the best is the beloved "Whale" that Allyson helped me design. You could only ride it prone like a bodyboard, but it hauls ass. (see pics) The "Ironing Board" had trouble floating and was an overall doozy. "Mutsy" is good for riding prone and was the best for surfing. Although surfing "Mutsy" is a very difficult task due to its lack of buoyancy, but my friend Brian was better at it than I... and caught a couple of rides. I think that I will make one more alaia board before the end of summer...this time it will be made out of paulownia instead of pine so that the board has more buoyancy. I also think making the board thicker and slightly longer (like 6"2) will give it the length for better east coast surfing. During our visit at the beach Allyson did a drawing of a bearded lady on my fishboard. It is beautiful. I now call it my "Bearded Lady". I think it rides better with the drawing on it...for real!