Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Allyson and I will be in a show at Lump Gallery in Raleigh, NC called "Text as Image". Text as Image explores language, text, and words as an image making strategy. The exhibition will include drawing, painting, video, installation, printmaking, sculpture, and photography. Text as Image: Joshua Abelow (NY), Cary Leibowitz (NY), Barry McGee (CA), Ray Johnson (RIP), Bill Thelen (NC), Laura Sharp Wilson (UT), Kirsten Stoltmann (CA), Rich McIsaac (NC), Amy White (NC), Hope Hilton (GA), Leah Bailis (PA), Cammi Climaco (NY), Megan Sullivan & Rob Allen (NC), Harrison Haynes (NC), Jason Polan (NY), Michael Salter (OR), Richard C (IL), James Johnson (PA), Allyson Mellberg (VA), Jeremy Taylor (VA), Casey Cook (NC), Michael Klauke (NC).


Luisa Bernal said...

Hi, i like very much your work and i would like to invite you to an illustrators residence in Spain so, even when this isn´t the best space for it, as i can´t find your email address, i leave you the information here:
There´s at least one place in the world for those who talk drawing and crafting.
That place is in a beautiful village surrounded by mountains and aims to be a meeting space and an inspiration source...

Dear friend,

We are happy to invite you to San Colorea, an international illustrators and crafters residence in the South of Spain aimed to inspire you thanks to the charming of the location, the contact with other artists and the activities to be played in it.

You are welcome during June, July, August and October but we need to know if you´re coming at least 5 weeks in advance!

To get more information and pictures, do not hesitate to check our website here: .

I hope you like our purpose and we can see you soon!

Scott Rothstein said...

Allyson ...

I love your work and would like to write about you on my blog. But like to get the artist's OK before I do.

You can see it here.

If you are OK with me posting your images, you can get my e-mail on the site.