Sunday, March 14, 2010


We are half way through the semester and we are itching for summer. We started digging in the garden and now have onions in the ground. We have some greens, cabbage, and pigments to plant this up coming week. Allyson and I are really stoked about the warm weather, future gardening plans, and getting to the beach as frequently as we can. Unfortunately this year our spring breaks did not line up. So in attempt to get away for a little while we went to the beach for a few days. The weather  predicted that it was going to rain the whole time, luckily we had a couple of days of sun and got to enjoy the beach. Only if we could stay here next to the ocean. We had planned to work on our book while we were here....but we both realized after an exhausting week of school we would get some r&r. We are working on some drawings for our new zine that is in colloration with Patrick Costello and other artists called the Olympic Drawing Club. Working on Vol. 2.  I have also been planing out building a chambered paulownia surfboard that I will be attempting to build in the next couple of weeks. Check out our pics of the beach and some drawings. Enjoy!


kri said...

Amazing! Say hi to the ocean for me, next time around ...

laetibou said...

Hi Allyson,
I just found your work on the web (without looking for anything) and I am very excited. Feel very close. I am an artist too, living in Paris, and I really would like to make something with you. Don't know what to propose, there's lot's of possibilities. I'll just wait and see what kind of opportunity will come.
You can have a look to my work also if you like : (in french only for the moment, sorry)
There isn't everything I do (no drawings, chinas, and puppets which are not the most important in my practice at that time) but it gives an idea. All the best to you. Laetitia Bourget

the hungry ghost said...

Hi Allyson,
I'm messaging you on behalf of Concrete Hermit from London.
The Pictoplasma exhibition Pen to Paper opens with us this week and we're trying to get more features on our blog (currently it's not as engaging as we hope it could be). We're really excited by your work and we were wondering if you'd like to answer a few questions for us, as a kind of mini interview on your use of home-made inks? I couldn't figure out how to message you other than through a comment.
My email is if you want to get in touch and I'll forward you our questions.

I look forward to hearing from you!