Tuesday, February 9, 2010

cabin fever!!!

As I write this more snow is falling in Virginia. It's the mean spirited kind, icy and prone to starting and stopping but never quite going away. Supposedly we will have this until late tonight and then more fluffy snow. I am ready for sun and spring gardening! We made our garden plan these last few days and we are excited to start planting. Jeremy made a beautiful map of what the spring and summer plantings will look like. I will look forward to posting pics of that in the coming months. We are going to try to grow some new tomatoes this year, ones that are still organic/heirloom but also disease resistant. (aka we learned our lesson last year with rare heirlooms & hours of disease management!) Over the weekend our next door neighbor's 60 year old willow tree came down... it was sad but also amazing, the thing had no roots and must have been dormant for a long time, its underside looked like the roots of a large houseplant. Pretty crazy. Jeremy took this picture with me in it for scale.

Last night, after a rather unexpected snow day, I embarked on making a 'scannermation' I am posting the first and last drawings and will hopefully post the whole thing once I figure out a bunch of computer technicalities! I was feeling a tinge of artist block and I figured doing something that I don't normally do (animation) and just generally messing around would be good... I think it helped. I have also been procrastination baking and cleaning... chocolate walnut banana bread and newly washed wood floors anyone?!!! I also did ALL of the laundry.

Lastly, I was super happy and honored to be asked to do a process/inspiration post at My Love For You Is A Stampede Of Horses blog. I showed some of the new stuff I am working on for Cinders in the fall, some in-progress stuff, and inspirational things like... Fricky! and the ocean!  I really admire Meighan and her blog and highly recommend checking it out on a daily basis if you don't already! Its awesome! Here's the link to my little bit:

wherever you are, I hope you are warm and safe!


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