Saturday, February 2, 2008


hey you know Allyson & I like to keep the drama running high in our lives, jk. We always seem to have some sort of craziness going on. Since its a new year, we are hoping that we got it all out in January! As some of you may know our friend Travis Conner passed away at the beginning of the month. He was a good friend and his passing was tragic and too soon! He was an amazing artist and person. He was such a gentle sweet guy and I will dearly miss his friendship. I hope that his soul is now at peace.

Last weekend we ate at Taco Bell while traveling home late at night. The next morning we awoke to what we thought was food poisoning. We ended up getting more sick than we thought and by the end of the night we were in the ER at UVA. We thought we'd be out of there in a few hours but ended up getting kept overnight due to my high fever and both of our severe dehydration. Due to Allyson's severe dehydration she got a kidney infection from what we found out later was E-coli poisoning. We are just now starting to feel normal again. We were super sick all week and out of work. It was funny that we sort of emerged from our sickness on groundhogs day, we saw our shadows and are predicting an early spring.

Anyhow, we are glad its February now. January was rough and in lots of ways showed us how fragile life can be... We are really looking forward to spring. Ocean, waves, warm air, sun, birds, freckles, and gardens.

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Wendy said...

hey guys,

i'm so sorry to hear about your rough time in the hospital and your friend's passing. it just reminds me how out of touch we are that i didn't know about that! i'm really sorry that it's been so rough for you guys, but i was happy to find your blog and read about what you've been up to and i'm happy to hear that you're taking time to focus on yourselves and your health. take good care of each other! i hope to talk to you soon!