Sunday, December 30, 2007


With December coming to a close: Fall Semester is over, ART Aqua, Foodist Colony, and Group Hug are coming to an end...and as the new year begins Allyson and I are making some new plans. Our first goal is to get healthy! Over the past couple of years Allyson and I have put some miles on our hearts, souls, and bodies by placing too much of an emphasis on our jobs, exhibiting, and moving and have lost general sight of our well being. We will be making GREAT efforts to change this. We will not be showing this spring and we will be making time and space in our lives to make work and to find a permanent home. Please give us your blessings in our efforts in health and happiness. A HAPPY AND HEALTHY NEW YEAR TO ALL!

PS. We are continuing efforts to jump start our book. We do our best to keep everyone updated on our progress.
PSS. We will also do our best to post images of some work that will be producing during winter/spring 08


jason said...

i love that you guys are getting focused on balance and what is really important to you. i haven't told many people this, but my only new year's resolution is to live somewhere longer than a year and to continue to find more balance in my life while focusing on what's truly important to me.

also, to be more responsible with my dance moves. so, two resolutions, i suppose.


Allyson said...

thank you for the sweet message. we like and can relate to your new years resolution. Also, we agree that you should be more responsible with your dance moves... somebody could get hurt. :)