Saturday, August 7, 2010

Lovey Dovey

We just went to a rummage sale to pick up a $5 parts bike for J and saw some very sad birds. The little old lady who lived there had an entire bedroom with wall to wall birdcages and wall to wall poo. One white dove was particularly emaciated... so we bought her for $5. :( We can't have birds in our house so she is in a large cage on our back porch. Does anybody want a dove, or know of some one who might, or a rescue? This was too sad to pass up. Its a very tame beautiful bird, you can pick it up and feed it by hand. 

I also want to add that the bird rescues within driving distance are not for doves, the SPCA and wildlife refuge will not take pet birds. Unfortunately people hunt doves in Virginia... so I have not been able to find a dove rescue. Anyhow, if you are interested or know someone who might be, send me a message! Here are some photos of her majesty:
She is very, very tame!

Maybe too tame... she made herself right at home while I cleaned up her cage a bit.

Mostly she just hung out on my knee and watched me. 
Somebody adopt her!!! We need to get her a home ASAP!


sMacThoughts said...

OH my gosh, she's beautiful. I wish I could, but feel certain you'll find someone. Please keep your readers posted!

transmutation said...

hello! this is liz swain. i'll take her if you haven't found a home. I have a really large house with pet loving roomates!

Allyson said...

Thanks guys! Liz! I wish I would have known yesterday, I found her a home already! You would have been our first choice. Hope all is well with you!