Thursday, July 15, 2010

Greenest Greens

a view of our row-crops, soy beans, green beans, and millet which is about to get cut down for a late summer planting!

hiding/pruning the tomato plants


Safflower being grown for pigment! (also known as 'bastard saffron'. It is valuable as a dye, mock spice, healthy oil, and important element in chinese medicine.

I am posting this one for my Mom, who wanted to see our 3ft tall giant marigolds. I thing we gave them too much organic fertilizer! They are a fragrant variety so its really rad to have them around, they smell really good to me and really bad to bugs. They also produce a yellow dye for fibers.


sMacThoughts said...

What an incredible garden. I am jealous of the space and what seems clearly to be deliciousness abound!

Janelle said...

Your garden is so big and beautiful! I'm jealous, but it must be a lot of work.

Allyson said...

Thanks ladies! Its funny because we probably would have never plowed out a 2000 square foot space for ourselves because it is so big and is a lot of work... but our landlord had it this way when we moved in two years ago & I am so glad we have this big growing thing in our backyard!