Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hello Summer!

I cannot believe it is almost July! We have been enjoying summer, time off, art making, gardening, and the ocean. Just this week it finally feels like we can let our shoulders down and really relax and enjoy some time off at home together & it is awesome! I am posting some pics from our garden, the beach, and such! More can be seen on my flickr. More updates soon!
Our garden from L to R, sunflowers, flowers, pigment plants, soybeans, greenbeans, millet grass, lima beans, squash, strawberries, chocolate mint, eggplant, echinacea, collard greens, woad, weld, tomatoes, marigolds, various peppers, brussels, cucumbers, onions, chard, kale, fennel, rosemary, peppermint, and cilantro! 
Jeremy is a sweetie-pie! Look at this beautiful birdhouse he made me!

Jeremy and I donated drawings to a benefit for the Gulf Coast Oil Spill that Meighan from My love for you is a stampede of horses is organizing! Go check it out, get a great deal and support a very important cause very dear to J & I.

More soon! Hope everyone is enjoying summer!


kri said...

I heart your update. Avery Fam is currently in the desert (but with wifi!!) and this made my night ;) Miss you guys! xo

pen and paper said...

Man, when I saw your piece I rushed to buy it but it had already sold! Alas!

pen and paper said...

Man, when I saw you had donated a piece I rushed over to buy it only to see that it had already sold!