Monday, December 15, 2008

yo carrots yo break!

Its winter break! We are done grading and are happy to be off. Now what? Well we picked the last carrots from our garden, I went to the dentist and had my first ever cavities filled, and I really like watching Dr. Who.

Heres a pic of our carrots (check out the two-legged one!), the cat trying to kill me and a new drawing from a show I am in in Berlin.

Time to hibernate for a while!



fougougou said...

I'm just so fond of what you do ! And I'm not talking about carrots...

Allyson said...

thank you so much! :)

Ben said...

Miss ya'll! LA in the winter, sucks! I wish i could surf better and i'd be loving it. ..

check my post it. .

onĂ­rica said...

cool drawing!