Monday, September 22, 2008


Well, first things first. It is booger season. As a first hand victim of this tragic seasonal epidemic I will tell you that our students all have colds and flus and what evers and they are contagious. So wash your hands and keep your boogers to yourself. I know I am. :)

And now for an update on Mr. Groundhog: We seem to have deterred him from eating all of our stuff for now. The last victim was the green beans. I was furious. He mowed off the top 8 inches of foliage from each plant. Luckily he didn't seem interested in the actual beans themselves! So after that, Jeremy and I got a floppy fence (they supposedly will not climb anything unstable... not big risk-takers apparently.) and we put out a nasty mixture of cloves,cayenne, cinnamon, and mint castile soap to make him unhappy with our smell. We also put out a jar of pee and a bunch of hair from Jeremy's newest haircut. Our veggies are just starting to come out and our neighbors told us horror stories about their squash being eaten down to nubs... so we are trying anything we can to keep him away. So far so good. (I am getting bruises on my knuckles from knocking on wood...) We are going to have green beans and baby squash from the garden for dinner tonight!

We also went to sugar hollow and made drawings on rocks with charcoal that we found from a fire!

Last but certainly not least, we have a new family member to tell you about. This weekend we adopted a kitten from Jeremy's Mom. His name is Edwin Batman Taylor. He is the best. Since we started going back to work, Fricky has been really lonely so I am glad she will have a friend! He has to get neutered (ouch!) and will come home October 17th. We are super excited!

Oh and after tending all 4 vines, we managed to have one surviving watermelon! Cantaloupe were much, much easier to grow.


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