Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Today seems to be the first day of spring. We were psyched out in April with a stint of 80 degree days. The past 3 days have been in the 40's/50's during the day and 30's/40's in the evening. It has felt more like the tail end of winter, and it has definitely been a tricky time to start a garden. We have wanted to start an organic garden like last summer but with our current living situation we will be moving at the beginning of July. On Monday we built some small wooden boxes to house our new mobile/moveable garden. Today we painted the boxes with Zero VOC wall paint and planted our new organic garden. We are growing Tomatoes (Mr. Stripey, Cherokee Purple, Black Prince), Broccoli, Cabbage, Squash, and Zucchini. Right now we only have 2 tomato plants, 4 broccoli stalks, 4 cabbage heads started and in boxes. We plan on building one more box tomorrow with recycled wooden palettes for the squash and zucchini. We are trying to make this garden pay off. Currently we have invested $20 in lumber, $10 on plants (purchase from local growers), and $15 on dirt. I hope this garden will be productive enough to cover our expenses. The time is pleasure for us as we are bored out of our minds in Harrisonburg. This town is pretty boring if you are not a mennonite or a person who enjoys the smell of dog food and likes shopping at walmart (or shopping at all). The town goes through somewhat of a transformation after school gets out... about 14000 people leave the city, traffic gets better... but it is so beat. We are trying to find a cure for our boredom and stay positive as long as we are in H-burg proper. We are looking forward to finding a place to live in Charlottesville (or surrounding areas) and lay down some roots (ours and our garden's). It will be extra nice next year because although we will be commuting a little ways to JMU, we will feel like we are in a community at work and where we live (instead of just at work).

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